New York Giants will select 6th overall

New York Giants will select 6th overall

The 2023 regular season has officially come to an end and the top of the 2024 NFL draft order has been set.

After weeks (even months) of speculation and calculations, the New York Giants had their fate sealed on Sunday. Following their win and several other results, they have been locked in at No. 6 overall.

Entering the week, there were quite a few moving pieces and the Giants could have selected as high as No. 2 overall or as low as No. 8 overall. But by the time they kicked off against the Philadelphia Eagles, that window narrowed to between No. 4 overall and No. 6 overall.

Many expect the Giants to target a quarterback in Round 1 but that’s far from a foregone conclusion. In addition to general manager Joe Schoen saying Daniel Jones will start in 2024, there are many other needs the team has to address come March and April.

In addition to quarterback, the Giants will need to add multiple offensive linemen, a wide receiver, a tight end, an edge rusher, an interior defensive lineman, and depth at just about every position.

If the two sides can’t come to a long-term agreement, there’s also a possibility the Giants lose Saquon Barkley and will need to find a new running back.

For the Giants, assuming they don’t make a draft day trade, it will be the first time they select sixth overall since 2019 when they took quarterback Daniel Jones.

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